Prepare for a Calm and Creative Easter

Another fine selection of relaxing adult coloring books have been released in the Creative Calm Series for your pleasure and enjoyment. Here is an opportunity to prepare in advance for a calm and creative Easter.

Books 17 through 20 are now available from Amazon, and also from CreateSpace.

Who can resist the lure of coloring cute little bunnies, cuddly chicks, and intricately decorated eggs? No-one, I am sure.

To help you get the most from your Easter this year we have a couple of titles geared specifically towards the holiday period.

Volume 17, ‘Easter’, is a collection of coloring images with the Easter season prominent at the forefront. Alternatively why not embark on a trip from the comfort of your own home with the ‘Around the World’ edition of Creative Calm. See the world and horizons anew, without ever having to leave your seat.

Volumes 19 and 20 are a mix of ranndom coloring images that conform to no particular theme.

Creative Calm 17

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Creative Calm 18

Amazon US

Amazon UK

creative calm 19

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Creative Calm 20

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Happy Coloring.

8 thoughts on “Prepare for a Calm and Creative Easter

      1. A reduced attention span seems to be an issue too. The longer the post, the harder it is to get people to read it all. Not to mention Facebook has created an online mentality where hitting ‘like’ is enough and comments aren’t necessary.

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      2. I agree. Too much superficial liking and not enough attention span. Perhaps this is a result of too many crappy posts and blogs though. As bloggers we need to strive to provide quality and useful informative posts.


      3. If not informative then entertaining. 😀 It probably is an effect of low quality along with people never really stopping to enjoy stuff. We’re always running around to work, do errands, stay healthy, and whatever else we feel is required immediately.

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