Rapture: Collected Sensual Poetry



Rapture: Collected Sensual Poems is a short volume filled with poems to incite the sensual side in you and your partner. The poems are intended for lovers, whether you are in a new relationship or one that has lasted the test of time. Use these words to remember the exciting sensations you felt when you first tasted love, desire and that unbelievable feeling of rapture with your partner.

Get comfortable with the one you love and read this book together. You never know what might happen when the right mood strikes.


Trails left by my fingertips
Like an artist’s brush
I am his canvas
And my lover is in no rush

I quiver with desire
I’ve never felt before
He is my English poet
And I the one he adores

He plays me like an instrument
Strumming expertly my strings
I collapse into his ecstasy
As he whispers beautiful things

Powerful, rebellious, gorgeous
He arouses without trying
I long to be the guitar
In his masculine hands
Exquisite, overheated
My need leaving me crying

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