Perfect Mother’s day Gift

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Mother’s Day US – Sunday 8th May 2016

Looking for the perfect way to show your mother how much she means to you this Mother’s Day? Put a little color into her life with this themed color book.


Mothers are wonderful. They take the time to teach us, to help us grow and they love us unconditionally. Here’s your chance to show your favourite mum just how much she means to you with this special keepsake colouring book. This book is filled with images of motherly love to show the special lady in your life that you are thinking of her, any day and any time. Why just celebrate mum on a single day of the year? Show her you love her any time by offering her a chance to relax and enjoy herself as she uses her favourite art supplies to make this book truly hers. Created with…

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I love my pink giraffe

Color books are a wonderful thing. Granted, in the beginning when I heard about adult color books, I really thought that was something XXX that I wanted no part of. But as the craze grew, I went from thinking that it was some porn form I should be afraid of, to thinking “Who on earth over the age of ten has time for coloring?” The answer, it turned out, was me.

It doesn’t matter how busy you are. If you can take ten minutes to drink a cup of tea or coffee or check your Facebook status, then you can take the time to color and create a meditation moment to relax yourself through coloring.

One of the beauties of colors books, is that you can have full control to make the pictures your own. Whereas we don’t have control over many other things in our life, when you pick up pens or pencils and a color book, you have the right to make things any way you want them. If you worry that you are not an artist, that is no problem. You don’t even have to stay inside the lines if you choose not to. Color books are a lot like a personal journal. You can choose to share your creations, or you can choose to keep them private. Unlike with other things you do, no one can tell you how you should fill in a picture. It can be realistic and done in colors you would find in nature, or it can be psychedelic or somewhere in between. If you want a purple panda or a pink giraffe, that is your business.

As a writer, I find coloring to be an especially relaxing way of mulling over the disjointed ideas in my head about my current and future projects. Yes, my editor will look at the work I send her and make comments about my manuscript, but my pink giraffe is my own and cannot be held to anyone else’s standard. So, take some time and give coloring a try. You might just surprise yourself with how much difference a few minutes a day can make to the clarity of your thoughts and your stress level.

We at J and I publishing would love to see your artworks as well. Regardless of what you doodle or color, the benefits are many. Send us your pics at and we may feature them on this blog.

And just for fun, here are a couple of ideas to get you past the worry over your artistic abilities:

Use every color you have available in one picture.

Close your eyes each time you choose a color, so the picture is random.

Be bold and share your creations on social media.

Have someone else choose a picture for you and give you a limited number of colors to choose from.

Have fun coloring, we look forward to your masterpieces!

Mexican Designs : Dos – New Release

mexican designs dos


Color your way through Mexico with Mexican Designs: Dos, the follow-up to Mexican Designs: Uno. With a variety of different images and complexity levels, there is something here for anyone and everyone who wants to color

Single-sided pages help to avoid bleed-through and allow for easy framing of your finished works. Make Mexico any color you want it to be!

El color de su camino a través de México con diseños mexicanos : Dos, el seguimiento de los diseños mexicanos : Uno. Con una variedad de diferentes imágenes y niveles de complejidad , aquí hay algo para todo el mundo que quiere colorear.

Páginas de una sola cara ayudan a evitar el derrame y permitir fácil para la elaboración de sus trabajos terminados. Hacer México cualquier color que usted quiere que sea!

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Happy Coloring

Mexican Designs : Uno – New Release

mexican designs uno


Choose your favorite coloring tools and step into Mexico. This color book is filled with a variety of designs from simple to complex for all levels of coloring expertise.

Single-sided pages to help avoid bleed-through and to make easier to frame. Have fun on your journey into Mexico!

Elija sus herramientas para colorear favoritos y entrar en México. Este libro de color se llena de una variedad de diseños de simple a complejo para todos los niveles de experiencia para colorear.

Páginas de una sola cara para ayudar a evitar el escurrimiento y para hacer más fácil para enmarcar. Divertirse en su viaje a México !

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Happy Coloring!

Dramatic Dance – New Release

dramatic dance


Put your dancing shoes on for a dramatic tango with the one you want to hold near in this adult color book featuring images of dancing couples and individuals.

Hand-selected images from an artist, with colorists in mind. Single-sided pages allow for easy coloring, more coloring tool choices and easy framing with no bleed-through.

Color and dance your way to a peaceful state of mind with Dramatic Dance by J and I publishing.

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Happy Coloring!

Angelic and Artistic – New Release

angelic and artistic


Relax your way through this coloring book filled with angelic images. Color these adorable cherubs any way you choose using your favorite coloring tools.

Images hand selected to provide a variety of different coloring options, with single-sided pages to help avoid bleed-through and allow for easy framing of your favorite completed pictures.

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Happy Coloring!

Women and Wolves – New Release

women and wolves


Walk through a quiet forest filled with lovely ladies and majestic wolves. Bring these images to life with any color arrangement you choose. Single-sided images allow for a variety of different pen choices and the ability to frame your creations easily, also helping to avoid bleed-through.


With multiple levels of complexity, there is something here for every level of expertise and coloring mood.


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Happy Coloring!