The Many Uses of: Honey



The Many Uses of Honey is the second book in the many uses of series and breaks down both common and uncommon uses for this miracle food of nature. With simple, easy to follow instructions for beauty, health and household recipes, this short book will explain in detail why honey is beneficial in so many ways.

With ingredients easily found in supermarkets across the world, the author has made every attempt to ensure that you can recreate these recipes yourself without having to buy any difficult to find or expensive herbs, spices or oils.

So, let’s get to the fun of DIY and let honey improve our lives!

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The Many Uses of: Cinnamon



The Many Uses of Cinnamon is a short eBook about both common and uncommon uses of cinnamon, as well as the history of the spice itself. From beauty uses, to health benefits, household cleaners and natural insect repellants, this book will help you find a natural alternative to chemicals using this fantastic spice.

The first book in the “Many Uses of” series, this eBook is just over 4,100 words. For beginners or those more experienced with herbal remedies, the directions included are simple to follow and easy to understand. Anyone can benefit from learning about natural alternatives, so dive right in and discover what cinnamon can do for you!

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Exciting News!

J and I Publishing are pleased to announce that we are expanding our book catalogue and are now not only offering adult color books but a larger range of different genres. In particular we are going to be publishing a range of How-to’s and Poetry books. Over the course of the next couple of days we shall be posting with our first offerings for your pleasure.

Look out for posts on the following, or follow these links to the Amazon page

How to Color: Using Adult Coloring Books for Relaxation and Meditation by Ionia Froment

The Many Uses of Cinnamon by Ionia Froment

The Many Uses of Honey by Ionia Froment

Dangerous Plants: Common and Uncommon Plants that Should be Handled with Care by Ionia Froment

Rapture: Collected Sensual Poetry by Ionia Froment

We hope that you enjoy these titles. More information on individual titles will follow shortly.