Hard at Work

The J and I Publishing Chief Pig Officer, (C.P.O), Sir Bacon Doughnut Royal is proud to announce that he will shortly be releasing the second book in his ‘Inspector Bacon Mysteries’ series about the venerable detective, Hamhock Holmes. He is very excited about this and would like everyone to know how hard he has been working, as can be seen in the following picture.


He would love for everyone to look out for his new book, ‘Hamhock Holmes and the Haunted House of Pancakes‘. Further details will be released shortly. In the meantime you can find the first book in the series below.

Hamhock Holmes cover

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“Hamhock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Cheese Taster,” is the first book in the Inspector Bacon Mystery Series for kids, ages 7-12.

Hamhock and his sidekick, Agatha the pug run a detective agency in London. When Mrs. Brie Gruyere stumbles into the office, desperate for help finding her missing husband, the head cheese taster for the Lemmington Cheese Factory, Hamhock and Pug know they have a case worth solving before them.

There’s more to this mystery than they first think. The family recipe book for the cheese factory is also missing…and there’s something skunky going on across the road.

Relying on wit, clue finding and Pug’s ability to create distraction, this mystery solving duo will stop at nothing to get the job done!

This is a chapter book for intermediate readers, with some harder words included for practise. This book has a British theme, and is mostly written in British English, so the spelling of words reflect that.




Bacon. Oink. Oink.

Those of you who keep up with J and I Publishing know that we have a very talented C.P.O. (Chief Pig Officer) named Bacon. He has been a good friend for a long time and we trust him with the big decisions for our publishing company.

If you keep up with this blog, you will notice that coming soon will be the life story of this fine swine, on a separate page entitled “The Big Life of a Small Pig,” written by the pig himself.

Until then, Bacon and I decided we would keep you updated on what he has been up to in the mean time. So this is his first hog post…er…blog post. Bacon and us at J and I went on a recent research mission for my WIP (Work including Piggy) to seek out some landscapes to draw. So here are some “pigtures” from Bacon’s personal collection. He’s kind of a camera hog…

Bacon agrees, the trip from Nevada to Oregon was one of the longest rides ever.
He fears no bear. He cleaned up the crumbs just in case.
Photo Bomber! How did that Elk Get in Bacon’s Pigture?
Pig Travels
Bacon prepares for his long journey into unknown territory.