How to Color

As a publisher of quality adult coloring books, a question that often arises is how to color. This may seem basic at first sight, but as with all things, the deeper you look into it the more complex and overwhelming it can become.

Many people are interested in the whole process, and in particular the health and stress relief benefits that can be obtained from coloring.

J and I Publishing are pleased to be able to announce the release of a brand new book chock full of useful and interesting information regarding the use of adult coloring books for relaxation and meditation. Written by a talented and accomplished color book artist, and advocate of the all-round benefits of art and adult coloring, Ionia Froment, this book is filled with the benefits of her extensive knowledge and includes many personal experiences and anecdotes. This book is a perfect accompaniment to any adult color books and a must read for anyone interested in adult coloring.

How to Color


“How to Color” is a reasonably short book that will teach you about the adult coloring phenomenon and how to fully engage yourself with it.

This book teaches you ways to relax and some basic meditation practices and principals that you can use to lower your stress levels through art therapy. If you have wondered what the big deal is with adult coloring and why it has become so popular, this book explains that and much more.

There are also sections on tangling, doodling, a recommendation list of color books to start with and some discussion on the types of color books available for beginners. So pull up a comfortable seat, and learn to set your worries aside as you create beautiful artwork and improve your mood.

It won’t take long for you to fall in love with this art form and find yourself immersed in your new activity!

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Happy Coloring!

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