Color me Green – St Patrick’s Day, March 17th


So the world renowned St Patrick’s day ‘holiday’ is fast approaching, but what do we really know about St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. St Patrick’s day is celebrated on March the 17th and is not confined purely to Ireland. It has grown into a highly recognisable celebration that takes place, in different forms, worldwide. In fact the celebrations take place even farther afield than this, having occurred on the international space station and well, that is out of this world.

If we look at Wikipedia we find that he hails from Roman Britain in the 5th Century and was a Christian missionary and bishop. Apparently kidnapped by Irish raiders and gainfully employed as a slave in Gaelic Ireland, shepherding, he found God. Legend has it that he used the three leaved shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost to the Irish pagans. Evangelical to the end, he converted many pagan Irish to Christianity.

Numerous legends have grown up about him over the years rocketing him to the top of the charts as the foremost Irish saint, that tradition maintains died on March 17th.

So how is St Patrick’s day celebrated? What are the main traditions that have arisen around this holiday?

Green! It is all about the green. The color green is very widely worn, along with shamrocks. Known as the ‘wearing of the green’, clothing, ribbons and hats in this hue are prevalent. Farther back the wearing of the St Patrick’s cross was common. In addition the holiday mainly seems to revolve around the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, primarily that most Irish of drinks, Guinness, and eating large amounts of food. Tall fuzzy green hats also seem to be prominent. A very vibrant and colorful celebration, it often results in an explosion of green, including the coloring green of such things as entire rivers.

For those that prefer to celebrate this festival in a more decorous fashion, what could be better than a St Patrick’s day themed coloring book. So here it . The shameless plug for the new J and I Publishing Irish Coloring Adventure now available on Amazon.



May the luck of the Irish be with you as you color your way through this fantastic book of St. Patrick’s Day images. From leprechauns and pots of gold to complex Celtic patterns, there is something in this book for everyone and all coloring levels. Grab a four leaf clover and celebrate this special day with some hours of relaxing, coloring fun!

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Happy Coloring!


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